Personal Protection

Many of us will know of someone who has died young or has battled to survive a serious illness and how the financial and emotional impact can be devastating. Sometimes, life throws the unthinkable at us and while financial protection can’t stop the worst from happening, it can make dealing with the financial consequences a lot easier.


Dealing with money issues after the death of a loved one or a key person in your business can be extremely distressing and complicated. 

By having the right policies in trust, which costs nothing, will mean that when you die, the proceeds will end up in the right hands at the right time.  The FCA does not regulate trusts and we act as introducers for it.

Business Protection

Business Protection plans help protect your business from the effects of key people being diagnosed with a critical illness or dying. You can use business protection to protect financial commitments as well as key people. Without the right business protection in place, you could end up risking everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


This type of insurance is the one most people need and the fewest actually have. Income protection & Critical Illness Cover can ensure that you have a regular income or lump sum to pay the bills or to tide you over until you are well enough to return to work.


Health Insurance, also known as Private medical insurance, allows you to avoid NHS waiting lists and receive fast-track consultations and private treatment thus giving you peace of mind knowing you'll get the help when you need it most.  


Take financial care of your family or business if the worst was to happen. Life cover is usually used to settle a mortgage or provide a lump sum or monthly payment to your loved ones or business in the event of your death.